GhostMyMail 1.0

Fight spam with temporary email adresses


  • Create many fake email accounts
  • User friendly interface


  • Few Options
  • Unstable

Not bad

Spam is an ever-present annoyance of modern life, and GhostMyMail has an interesting solution - fake addresses. Email is usually required to join services or access programs, but offering your address means you can be exposed to receiving unwanted emails.

GhostMyMail allows you to create temporary addresses connected to your real one, which will expire after a set amount of time. This means you can use the new address anywhere, and you will only be contactable for the lifetime of that email. GhostMyMail addresses are anonymous, so no one will ever be able to find your actual details through it.

You can create as many new addresses as you want for just one address, and any correspondence you receive to that address is forwarded to you until they expire. The interface is clear and easy to use, although I noticed some stability issues with this 1.0 version.

There are few options in GhostMyMail, and the fact you can access the system in your browser make this desktop app less desirable. The system itself works well, although it's quite a long process to add onto internet service registrations! It also cannot guarantee stopping spam, which is something your email service will also try to do.

If you want to stay anonymous, GhostMyMail can help and provides you with an easy way to make a temporary email address you can use.



GhostMyMail 1.0

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